Your team may need support in communication and collaboration. One of our team members can assist using the John Maxwell DISC assessment. 

Consider how Van Soelen & Associates, LLC could either assist leaders in

agenda creation 

retreat development

co-facilitate meetings or events

Leadership Development

  • We are working so hard for teachers to collaborate that it is now glaring that our leaders do not.  
  • As a building leader, I just need someone external to coach me through occasional rough patches.
  • I struggle with building meaningful agendas for the meetings I know I need to have, so instead of tackling the tougher conversations and subsequent actions, we just check off the easy work.

Isolationism has been documented among teachers for almost forty years (Lortie, 1975) but educational leaders may even have a more secluded existence. Even in larger schools with an administrative team, an external voice can call assumptions of the group and assure high-quality work products and decisions. Van Soelen & Associates, LLC has served as an external voice to building leaders for over a decade.