Teacher evaluation can truly be an improvement strategy, not just a logistical check off due to Human Resources. Van Soelen & Associates, LLC led a five-year Teacher Quality Initiative resulting in leaders more proficient in writing high quality feedback, teachers more desirous of receiving feedback from leaders, students performing better on state and national assessments, and an emergence of observational data as being a valid player in data-informed decision-making.

Consider how Van Soelen & Associates, LLC could explicitly and authentically teach the skills of crafting high-quality feedback to educators. This work could happen at a district level, a high-school feeder pattern or cluster, or with one individual school.

Teacher Evaluation

  • Watching videos has been helpful, sure, but it still isn’t real.
  • Having a rubric could make this system more meaningful than what we had, but even then a word, like “Proficient,” is just a word.
  • I know I need to do this better but I just don’t make the time.

President Barack Obama chooses to visit the College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center, Decatur, GA. Principal Suzanne Kennedy attributes part of their success to their Teacher Quality Initiative, re-envisioning Teacher Evaluation.